Meet our Founder of NIAS (pronounced NICE)

Angela Booker, BSN, RN

Angela (Williamson) Booker is the third of five children. She was born to Marie Williamson and the late Ellis Williamson in Springfield, Illinois. Early in her life, her parents divorced; her mother moved the family to Gary, Indiana, and later transitioned to Cincinnati, Ohio where Angela spent most of her childhood and teenage years. After graduating from Mt. Healthy High School, Angela pursued her interest in the medical field as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA).

After several years as a CNA and the birth of her son Brandon, Angela recognized the need to increase her income to provide a better life for herself and her son. She decided to pursue a certification as a phlebotomist. As a phlebotomist, Angela worked for hospitals, clinics, and for Hamilton County Department of Jobs and Family Services where she worked in the lab for paternity testing.

In pursuit of an improved quality of life for her and Brandon, Angela worked tirelessly with the support of her family. This pursuit inspired her to continue her education in nursing. In 1999, she graduated from the Scarlet Oaks School of Nursing as a Licensed Practical Nurse. In 2007, she graduated from Cincinnati State College as a Registered Nurse and received her Baccalaureate degree in nursing from Phoenix University. As her career progressed, she became specialized in the areas of hospice, geriatric, and mental health care.

Living in Atlanta was an eye-opening experience for Angela. She was inspired by the collaboration of diversity, professionalism, exceptional patient care, passion and skill in the Atlanta hospitals. In addition to her passion for nursing, she also has a passion for being creative and fashionable. Collectively, her passions spawned into the idea of creating a clothing line-NURSES IN ALL SHADES. Though she sat on the idea for some years, the idea resurfaced after a patient assault threatened her career.

After the first assault, Angela began to think of other ways to support her and her family. The clothing line idea morphed into a scrub line and nursing apparel for nurses. Angela worked on the idea with her brother and son for months on a brand which would represent nurses worldwide. She wanted to design a scrub that was comfortable, fashionable and a scrub with plenty of pockets!

Prior to the launch of the brand, Angela became a victim of her second patient assault while working as a psychiatric nurse in the mental-health inpatient unit. This time the assault was even more detrimental to her livelihood. While protecting a patient from an attack, another patient very intentionally broke her finger while spurring racial slurs. This traumatic incident resulted in the need for extensive surgery, physical and emotional therapy. This second incident has now become a catalyst for Angela to raise awareness to the patient assault nurses experience on a regular basis. These assaults are swept under the rug at facilities across the nation and the victims have little support and no recourse against these assaults.

Today, NURSES IN ALL SHADES is not only a brand which represents diversity, high quality and
fashion, but NURSES IN ALL SHADES is a brand that represents the skills, the passion, and
perseverance of nurses; furthermore, NURSES IN ALL SHADES is a banner for nurses and unsung
heroes worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to highlight the skill, passion and fashion of diverse nurses around the world. NIAS is also a movement to bring awareness to patient assault to medical professionals.

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